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December 19, 2017


July 6, 2017

You’ve landed an internship at a great company. You’re getting school credit, and you know this internship will look impressive on your resume. So you’re done, right?


Just because you have the internship doesn’t mean you intern well.  In fact, perhaps worse than leaving a bad impression is leaving no impression at all. Don’t waste a precious opportunity to not only learn important skills, but to build your network. Remember: every relationship you foster is another link in your professional chain.

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Alice + Olivia Names Aliza Licht as EVP of Brand Marketing and Communications

She spent 17 years at Donna Karan International rising to senior vice president of global communications.


By Lisa Lockwood on November 18, 2016

ALICE + OLIVIA TAPS LICHT: Aliza Licht has landed at Alice + Olivia LLC as executive vice president of brand marketing and communications, a new post. She begins Nov. 28.

Licht will oversee brand marketing, communications, advertising, social media and celebrity dressing globally. She will report to Deanna Berkeley, president of Alice + Olivia.

Licht was previously the senior vice president of global communications for Donna Karan International, where she spent 17 years. She was also known for her work as the creator and voice of the former social personality, DKNY PR Girl. Last December, Licht resigned from the company following the release of her best-selling book, “Leave Your Mark,” an insider’s mentorship book, and she spent the last 10 months working on projects related to her book and consulting in the fashion/tech sector.ALICE + OLIVIA TAPS LICHT: Aliza Licht has landed at Alice + Olivia LLC as executive vice president of brand marketing and communications, a new post. She begins Nov. 28.

Licht will oversee brand marketing, communications, advertising, social media and celebrity dressing globally. She will report to Deanna Berkeley, president of Alice + Olivia.

Licht was previously the senior vice president of global communications for Donna Karan International, where she spent 17 years. She was also known for her work as the creator and voice of the former social personality, DKNY PR Girl. Last December, Licht resigned from the company following the release of her best-selling book, “Leave Your Mark,” an insider’s mentorship book, and she spent the last 10 months working on projects related to her book and consulting in the fashion/tech sector.

“I have always been an admirer of Stacey’s keen ability to know what a girl wants to wear even before she does,” said Licht, referring to Stacey Bendet, chief executive officer and creative director. “This is an incredible opportunity to take my 20-plus years of experience and knowledge of the fashion industry and apply it to this amazing company as it grows and broadens its reach globally.”

Uma Thurman, Olivia Wilde, and Linda Fargo Are Women Who Dare

Harper’s Bazaar has just released its annual #WomenWhoDare list in its November issue, which features a roundup of trailblazing women who are daring to change the world. The list includes women from a variety of fields, from artists to activists to up-and-comers to innovators, but what unifies them is how they’ve all taken chances. That is, in challenging themselves, changing the way people think, defying expectations, and celebrating their own individuality. This year’s list includes Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, SVP and director of Bergdorf Goodman Linda Fargo (who breaks down how to be daring when getting dressed), singer Sokoformer DKNY PR Girl Aliza Licht (who dishes on how to use social media to get ahead in your career), Transparent star Judith Light, actress Amanda Booth, artist/model Langley Fox, and actresses Olivia Wilde and Uma Thurman.


By Lauren Alexis Fisher

Oct 18, 2016 

Tweeting landed me my first fashion internship in New York and connected me with the woman who does social media best: former DKNY PR Girl, Aliza Licht.

My first goal when I got to New York City? Figure out a way to get an internship at DKNY, of course. And you know what? I did. It was around that time when the anonymous DKNY PR Girl was revealed as Aliza Licht, Senior Vice President of Public Relations at Donna Karan. After we worked on a fun Twitter project together for the 2012 Olympics, I used our already-established social media relationship and newly exchanged email addresses to let Licht know that I was applying for an internship in her department at DKNY. Long story short, that highly-anticipated internship—which I never would have gone after had it not been for Twitter—led to many more internships in the industry and eventually to my first fashion job here at Harper's BAZAAR. And that is the power of social media.

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How Did The Red Carpet Get So...Bad?

SEPTEMBER 16, 2016

“There are two classes of celebrities right now: The first doesn't want to make mistakes, they want to totally avoid judgement,” Aliza Licht, founder and president of Leave Your Mark LLC and former SVP of global communications for Donna Karan (a.k.a someone who’s taped, cinched, and delivered custom gowns to the stars), says. “The second are ones who want as much attention as they can get. But overall, very few celebrities listen to their stylists. They end up being more like ‘dress waitresses’ than trusted advisors. If you're hiring an expert, listen to an expert, instead of listening to your publicist, mom, boyfriend, assistant, makeup artist, manager, or your doorman.”

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The complications of ‘see-now-buy-now’


SEP 8, 2016

“The designers need the time to create the desire and the demand for the actual products,” said Aliza Licht, the former svp of global communications at Donna Karan. “It’s all about logistics, and the biggest problem is changing the actual timing of deliveries to wholesale partners.” -Aliza Licht

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Seven Steps To Entrepreneurship

June 30, 2016

by Aliza Licht, Forbes Contributor

I can’t remember the exact moment I had the thought, but it was an epiphany. It crept in slowly, like someone trying to startle me: “What if I didn’t have the title of SVP Global Communications anymore?” What if I wasn’t the voice of DKNY PR GIRL®, commanding the attention of half-a-million followers on Twitter? What would happen if I quit my job?” Those questions spun around my head like clothes in a dryer.

I decided I had to find out.

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May 11, 2016 

Aliza Licht, the former SVP of Global Communications for Donna Karan and the force formerly known as DKNY PR girl, has certainly wasted little time making a name all of her own since leaving the New York-based brand last year. There was the launch of her first book, the best selling, “Leave Your Mark” and the launch of a corresponding consulting business. This week, she took to the web to host a webinar in connection with Launchmetrics on “How to Win Digital Friends and Influence People,” something in which she is certainly well-versed. In case you missed the discussion, here are some interesting takeaways that you can use to build your own brand, a strong online presence, and your resume …

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When Aliza Licht left her post at DKNY in December, a social media era came to a close.

Licht, the svp of global communications at the brand from 1998 to 2015, spearheaded DKNY’s forays into various social platforms as they emerged. But the brand found its voice most readily on Twitter, where Licht tweeted from the brand’s account under the handle @DKNYPRGirl. Her approach was to engage with fans by sharing behind-the-scene looks at the fashion brand from an insider’s point of view, not as the “voice” of a brand or as Donna Karan. The account grew to reach 600,000 followers and became an example of how to master an authentic brand voice on Twitter.

Now, Licht’s newest gig is serving on the board of Launchmetrics, a fashion technology platform that lets brands digitally manage their product samples, press materials and event invitations, as well as discover and manage influencer relationships.

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Awear Smart Chips Bringing Internet of Things to Fashion

April 28, 2016

By Rachel Strugatz

Awear Solutions is using technology to build a frequent flyer program for fashion.

Liron Slonimsky and Oren Zoner, cofounders and cochief executive officers of the technology company — which has developed a button-sized, low-energy bluetooth chip and a corresponding app — want to help brands engage in a two-way dialogue with consumers while also gathering valuable intelligence....

“It makes the brand and consumer relationship an active one, not a passive one,” said Aliza Licht, a strategic advisor for the company, who stressed that data is being collected about the product, not the customer. “It’s information for the brands. They detect the popularity of different styles, colors and models in different locations and different use cases.”

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Launchmetrics Taps Aliza Licht, Rachna Shah

Launchmetrics, which formed when Fashion GPS merged with marketing firm Augure in January, is getting more input from two fashion veterans.

The company named Aliza Licht to its board of directors and Rachna Shah to its strategic advisory group.

Licht is the former senior vice president of global communications for Donna Karan International and creator of the brand’s social media personality “DKNY PR GIRL.” She’s also the founder and president of Leave Your Mark LLC and author of the book bearing the same name. Shah, executive vice president of public relations and managing director of digital at KCD, has been involved with Fashion GPS since its inception a decade ago.

Aliza Licht's newest piece for the NY Post.

One morning a few weeks ago, my sister Ilana walked into my apartment wearing a killer leather jacket. From the scalloped lapels to the silver zippers, I immediately fell in love with it.

“Whose is that, and why didn’t you tell me about it?” I exclaimed. (Editor’s note: When a fashion maven asks, “Whose is that?” the answer is not “mine” — it’s the designer who created the clothing.)

“Isn’t it cute?” she said. “I picked it up at Lester’s for $49.”

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How to Get an Entry-Level Job in Fashion PR

By Jillian Kramer

Despite dozens of people who have thought Aliza Licht worked for fashion houses in Puerto Rico, the former senior vice president of global communications for Donna Karan and author of Leave Your Mark wants you to know that “PR” stands for public relations—and it’s a career that’s slightly more demanding than sipping Mai Tai’s on a sandy beach while viewing the latest in bikini styles.

“Fashion publicists generate brand awareness through various methods,” she explains. And while the biggest chunk of their time is spent securing editorial coverage—the kind that isn’t paid advertising—the women and men in fashion PR also write pitches for online media coverage, dress celebrities for red carpet events, and produce seasonal fashion shows. As Licht explains, “The goal of public relations is to craft a message—and to make sure that public opinion matches what the brand intends."

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Best of Levo: The Most Inspiring People of 2015

13. Aliza Licht

As the face of DKNY PR Girl, Aliza Licht showed us what it really looked like to have a strong brand on social media. Modeled after Gossip Girl (seriously), Licht remarked at the How To Make It in Fashion Conference, “Social media strategy? I have no strategy.” She simply put her own personality and interest into the Twitter handle, and it worked. (The brand had over 497,000 Twitter followers, but was shut down in August when Licht left DKNY.) She has shared her brilliant advice in her book Leave Your Mark, and with Levo on Office Hours.


Celebrating the ladies who left their mark on the fashion industry.

By Kristine Batman

Fashion thrives off of everything new, which means bloggers, digital leaders, and brand personalities dictate the ever-evolving style world. From the original bloggers who created the hunger for content to an editor who took old-school magazine skills and applied them to new technology, these women embody a new approach to editorial content and technology.

Aliza LichT

She's proof that the face of a brand matters in today's social media-driven world. Aliza Licht, formerly known as DKNY PR Girl, created community, conversation, and inspiration surrounding the DKNY brand on Twitter and Instagram for six years. Her posts were witty and intelligent, creating a likeable, lifestyle-driven persona that engaged thousands of followers. This year, Licht's own best-selling book, Leave Your Mark, was published based on these principles, and set new standards for other fashion brands on social media.

Will red lipstick kill or kickstart your career?

By Aliza Licht

November 16, 2015 

“SOOOO pretty!” chirped Genevieve, the makeup artist I had been testing out for my upcoming wedding day in 2000. As I turned to face the mirror, dread washed over me. “I can’t wear a pink lip,” I said. “I am not a pink-lip kind of girl; I will look like a corpse. I’ll wear red.”

“Brides don’t wear red, Aliza,” she asserted. Always go with your gut, I thought. It’s my day, damn it, and I’ll wear red if I want to.

I never did hire Genevieve. I actually did my own makeup on my wedding day and, yes, I got many compliments about my red lip.

There’s hardly a scarcity of opinions when it comes to red lipstick. Earlier this month, “CBS This Morning” anchor Gayle King took to Instagram to share that her BFF Oprah did not approve of her bold lip. King admitted that her pal called and said, “Tell your makeup artist waaaay too red on the lips today.” Gayle proudly responded to Oprah, “I did that myself.”

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Trendsetters at Work: DKNY

When you think of the top ranking execs at DKNY, neurobiology and physiology degrees aren't exactly the first things that come to mind. Nevertheless, that's exactly what the brand's senior vice president of global communications got—before deciding that fashion was her true calling...

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DKNY PR GIRL Beyond 140 Characters -- Aliza Licht

I had the amazing opportunity to interview the one and only DKNY PR GIRL, Aliza Licht, on my podcast, All The Social Ladies.Aliza is the SVP of Global Communications at Donna Karan International—not to mention an absolute superstar. Besides being the company’s award-winning social media personality, she has also been listed as one of the “Top 50 Most Powerful Women in New York.” Talk about fierce! Her path to success...

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The Arts, Business, & Current Culture | Nonfiction Previews, May 2015, Pt. 4

Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It in Your Career. Rock Social Media.

Fashion PR executive. TEDx speaker. Five-time Fashion 2.0 award winner. Twitter demon who...

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Aliza Licht aka ‘DKNY PR Girl’ | The Profile

While many of us like to think of fashion as being forward, its marketing tends to take a wait-and-see approach to new technologies jumping in once everything has been proven. In 2009 when social media was relatively new, Donna Karan International’s SVP of Global Communications, Aliza Licht, held hands with her company to launch DKNY PR Girl socially and took one small step for their brand and one giant leap for the fashion industry.

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12 Inspiring Quotes From Cosmo's Fun Fearless Life Weekend. Wisdom you need, no matter what industry you want to go into.

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COVER REVEAL: DKNYPRGirl, also known as Donna Karan International senior vice president of global communications Aliza Licht, has taken her career and social-media learnings and written her first book, “Leave Your Mark"....

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Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku


Aliza Licht at TEDxTimesSquare, New York City



From live-tweeting 'Gossip Girl' to landing a book deal, DKNY PR Girl has become one of the most powerful Twitter handles in the industry...

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“I CAME out on YouTube,” said Aliza Licht, who until recently was known to her legion of Twitter fans only as DKNY PR girl. “Of course, where else would you come out?”

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FOR much of the 20th century, the seating chart of a runway show gave a fairly accurate reading of power in the fashion industry. The press on one side, retailers on the other; editors and buyers prioritized neatly from front row to last….

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Fashion is big business in New York, and fashion publicity is the backbone. None is more powerful than Aliza Licht...

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Aliza Licht of DKNY/Donna Karan International, A.K.A. DKNY PR GIRL.

Fashion Week is crazy time for everyone; editors, designers and public relations pros, go course. To get an inside look at what goes into pulling off a buzzed about show, like DKNY and Donna Karan, we caught up with Aliza Licht.. 

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Six of fashion’s most forward-thinking women show their strong suits. 

Aliza Licht
Senior vice president, Donna Karan
Her Twitter feed is a chronicle of runway shows, events and dressing celebrities...

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How to Develop Your Personal Presence on Social Media and in Real Life

There is one in every office—the person who gets the attention of senior managers and interns alike at the morning meeting, who sends out witty tweets in the afternoon and who glides effortlessly through the after-work cocktail party, never at a loss for words...

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Lovers of sarcasm who like to tweet are taking matters in their own keyboards. Aliza Licht, the senior vice president of global communications for Donna Karan LLC, who was "devastated" to lose her work email on Tuesday, calls sarcasm "a religion"...

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ISSUE 1: What Do I Do if My Boss Starts Following Me on Social Media? 

ISSUE 2: How Can I Network Without Feeling Awkward?

ISSUE 3: Does Staying Late at Work Actually Make You Look Good?

ISSUE 4: How Can I Possibly Come Up With A Long Term Career Plan?   

Plus more questions answered...


Aliza Licht, Senior Vice President of Global Communications at Donna Karan and the renowned DKNY PR Girl on Twitter, was one of the first people to capitalize on social media for a fashion house...

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I don’t think any working mother with an internet connection doesn’t know Aliza Licht….or at the very least, her Twitter feed...

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...Her witty banter and stellar advice has earned this PR girl major media attention plus those zillion followers plus, but her favorite hangers-on-ers are who she refers to online as The 9-year-old (boy) and The 6-year-old (girl), her kids...

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What Every Brand MUST Learn about Social Media from DKNY’s PR Girl

When the woman behind one of fashion’s most famous Twitter accounts says, “Social media strategy? I have no strategy,” eyebrows are bound to be raised (mine included). But after listening to Aliza Licht, the voice of @DKNY, speak at the How To Make It in Fashion Conference, I believe her...

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While Twitter-aholics we may be, we had many a field day tracking the inside antics of DKNY PR Girl, an anonymous Twitter handle that, well, showcases the realities of a  powerhouse working in the world of public relations..

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